12 Weird Things About Japan

We admire their attitude towards work, self discipline, beautiful girls, anime, cars, and gadgets, but there are 12 things that you don’t know about Japan.

1. Inemuri

Falling asleep in the office is likely to get you a meeting with the boss or even lose your job unless you work in Japan. “inemuri” means napping on the job in Japanese. Japanese believe that the more hard-working an employee is the faster they get exhausted. For this reason taking a nap in the office just shows how hard-working you are. Some employees are known to fake “inemuri” into deceiving their bosses at the hard-working. During the nap one must remain upright.

2. Couple Cafes


Single people need some cuddling too! Japan has a business that cares for such people. The shuffle allows you to sleep next to a girl for free. Sexual requests are not tolerated but from sleeping next to a girl, you can buy extra services such as staring at each other for a minute or stroking her hair for three minutes. These extras cost just 1,000 yen each approximately $9

3. Hi-tech Toilets

Most people who have visited Japan have fallen in love with the Japanese toilets. These hi-tech toilets are not only sophisticated but also comfortable to use. They have heated seats and warm water jets among other fancy features. These toilets is applied by TOTO, a japanese company. For advanced toilets have additional features such as playing music or producing sounds to mask any embarrassing sounds, that one could be producing in the toilet. some have sensors that automatically raise the lid and flush the toilet by a mere wave of the hand.

4. Pillows for Lonely Men and Women


Not all of us are lucky to get a boyfriend or girlfriend. Single people tend to sleep lonely in their bed with no one to cuddle. Well in Japan there are pillows for such people for men, the pillows are shaped like a woman’s lap while for women the pillow is shaped like a man’s chest with one arm. Some pillows come with the image of girls found in animations.

5. No tips in Japan

Whereas it is considered inappropriate not to tip waiters, waitresses, taxi drivers, bellboys and vast off in most countries. Japan has a crazy custom about tipping. In Japan, most service workers do not expect tips after serving it. In fact one should not be surprised to be turned down when trying to leave a tip. Despite this culture service workers are always courteous and offer exemplary services

6. Make it Festivals


It is a bizarre festival called “hadaka matsuri”, where Japanese men stripped naked in public. Japanese have an ancient belief that the naked man can absorb evil spirits and gain luck for the whole year. This reason men participate in the festival naked with only their private parts covered using a fundoshi, traditional men’s underwear.

7. Double Tooth


While the world is spending money for tattoos, Japanese uses double tooth. Attaining these crooked teeth is the latest fashion trend in Japan especially with women. Dentist in Japan are making a kill off this trend, whether attaching permanent or non-permanent mini fangs to the used canine teeth giving them the vampire look. While others are paying to have the teeth straightened, Japanese are paying for the exact opposite.

8. Toilet Slippers

Japanese minimize contact between the floor associated with the house and the unclean toilets floor by wearing toilet slippers while visiting the toilet. One must remove their shoes before entering a Japanese house or even some restaurants since shoes are considered dirty. Instead of entering the house with your shoes, Japanese leave their shoes outside and wear slippers. The same applies when visiting the toilet there are specific slippers for visiting the toilet only.

9. Eating Poisonous Fish


Puffer fish meat is one of the most poisonous foods in the world. It also happens to be a popular Japanese delicacy despite the fact that the meal can kill you in hours. Chefs who prepared this meal train so early just to learn how to remove the deadly poison from the fish but also leave enough toxin in the fish to provide a tingling sensation in the mouth of the person eating.

10. Vending Machines

Physically, Japanese vending machines look like ordinary vending machines in any other part of the world. The difference between Japanese vending machines and your ordinary vending machine is their location and contents. You can find these machines in the most unexpected places such as in rural areas, at the summit of a mountain, or even next to an ancient temple. These machines also serve unusual things; from bread in a can to beer and porn magazines.

11. Gas Masks

Miyakejima is an island located in the southeast of Honshu, Japan. This island has an active volcano known as Mt. Oyama. Due to the nature of the volcano, it constantly emits poisonous gases that endangering the lives of the people living around. Its last eruption was in 2005 and since then, the mountain has been leaking hazardous gases. That’s requiring people to wear gas masks all of the time. Special alarms go if there’s a sudden increase in the amount of sulfur in the air.

12. Rabbit Island

There’s an island in japan called Okunoshima which is densely populated with rabbits. The small island has become a tourist attraction in Japan due to its rabbits population. These rabbits were taken there during the World War II to test the effects of poisonous gases. The animals survived and flourished and currently roaming in the predator-free environment thus leading to the insane population.

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