6 Hidden Features of Simple Objects Around You

We’re too busy to noticed small things around us and today I’m gonna share to you the hidden secrets of some items that we ignore.

Hole in Pen Cap

If you’ll check the cap of a pen you’ll see a small hole on its end. This may sound crazy but the purpose of this hole is to give you some air once you choke on them. This is a fact because 10,000 genius people bite and chew them every year.

Tic-tac Lids


Tac lids have a little crater in them that perfectly dispenses a single Tic-Tac. All of us are guilty of extracting Tic-Tacs the wrong way, up until now… But who actually eats a single Tic-Tac? We prefer to pour about 5 in our hands then shove them into my mouth and gobble them all at once.

Punt in Bottle


The dimple at the bottom of a wine bottle is known as a “punt”. The punt is known to serve a few uses but I’ll explain to you it’s main purpose. Historically, flat bottom bottles were hand-blown and would occasionally result in deformities. Those deformities sometimes prevented the bottle from standing up straight and would make it prone to tipping over. The punt came about as a solution to this. They would tie it off and push the excess up into the bottle. There are more advanced ways to make a glass bottle but we still use punt to preserve the tradition.

Plastic Cup Lids


If you buy a drink from Starbucks, McDonald’s, Burger King or anywhere that sells drinks in plastic cups, you will noticed its plastic lids. The main use of them is to stop the drink from spilling out, but did you know they also serve as a coaster?
You can try to clip it the base of the cup and it will fit perfectly.

Hole in Pot Handle

Don’t be too cocky to tell me that this is only for hanging them up. But the hidden feature is you can also use this hole to put your utensils instead of putting it on the side after stirring the sauce.

Hole in Airplane Window


What is the purpose of a small hole in airplane window? “Bleed holes” are the tiny holes in the window of an airplane. It’s actually a safety features to prevent the glass from shattering every-time a pressure changes during the flight. It also prevents the window from fogs.

Raised Line in Computer Keyboards

If you’re not a computer geek, you’ll noticed that the “F” and “J” in a computer keyboard has a raised line. But why is that? Those lines are actually guide to correctly position for fingers when typing. Technically, you can encode without looking at the keys.

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