9 Most Expensive Things in the World

From the most expensive Vodka and the most expensive and ugly pants, here are the most expensive things in the world that made it to the list.

World’s Most Expensive Box of Chocolate

Price: $1.5 Million
Le Chocolat is a box of chocolate made by Lake Forest Confections master candymaker along with the julie and gemstone vault from Simon jewelers. This guilty pleasure cost 1.5 million dollars. I think if you were to eat one of these chocolates without asking permission you would go to jail for grand theft.

World’s Most Expensive Hello Kitty

Price: $163,000
This hello kitty features made of pure platinum, 7 hair ribbons made of gems including diamond Ruby, pink sapphire, amethyst and blue topes.

Russo-Baltique Vodka


Price: $1.3 million
This was produced in Russia for royalties tycoons and wealthy afficionado worldwide. It would be a crime to get wasted and forget your night on this drink.

World’s Most Expensive Pizza

Price: $4,200
After your expensive bottle of vodka why not order some pizza. This masterpiece by Domenico Crolla of Bella Nepali is the pizza royal 007. It comes with caviar soaked in Dom Pérignon champagne, scottish smoked salmon, lobster marinated and cognac venison medallions, the finest prosciutto, and vintage balsamic vinegar, and even edible 24 karat gold flakes as topping.

World’s Most Expensive Tea Bag


Price: $14,000
A british company made this tea bag and handcrafted using 280 diamonds. We’ll I think the diamonds made it expensive.

Apple Watch

Price: $115,000
The 2015 status symbol behold the only thing greater than the apple watch edition. It is a customized version of the Apple Smartwatch with diamond 18 karat gold.

Most Expensive Bra


Price: $1 million
If you’re a boob lover and you want to please your girls, why not buy the Birmingham Estate and Jewelry 18-karat bra featuring over 500 carats of hand cut diamonds and 750 grams of gold.

World’s Most Expensive Car

Price: $52 million
In October 2013, Connecticut-based collector Paul Papal Errado sold his 1964 Ferrari GTO chassis number serial 5111 GT to an unnamed buyer for a new record of $52 million. It’s hard to believe this much for an older car. I would prefer a brand new Lamborghini Veneno Roadster for 4.5 million.

World’s Most Expensive Ugly Pants

Price: $27,000
These pants were made by Spin Gene by Damien Hirst and Levi’s and it was only made to match the Christmas ugly sweater.

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