8 Animals With Special Abilities

Here’s a list of animals with the super powers of  One Punch Man, Wolverine, Mystic, and Deadpool. There are amazing things these animals can do. From having a strong punch to an ability to live in space. It may sound impossible but these are real.

Wolverine Frog


Just like Wolverine this frog has the hair and claw. Found in Central Africa, this frog has a weird hair-like skin that serves as external gills responsible for breathing. Its retractable claws on the tip of its finger are useful during fight for survival.

Mantis Shrimp

This shrimp’s special ability is its powerful punch comparable to the velocity of a gunshot from a 22-caliber rifle. It produces undersea shockwave that can kill its prey. It’s not a good idea to keep this amazing shrimp inside a regular glass aquarium because of its special ability. This is the shrimp version of One Punch Man.

Immortal Jellyfish


Imagine a life-cycle of an animal with the option to move back and forth. This jellyfish has that skill. When this creature feel sick or harmed it can go back to its younger self to cure and reset the damaged cells. Experts are studying this ability and are hoping to discover a cure of various diseases.

Malaysian Exploding Ant


Are you willing to die and become a hero to save your territory? This ant will do. Malaysian Exploding Ant has a toxic chemical that will explode to their enemy to save the colony. The poison will kill the potential threat in exchange of the life of the soldier ants.

Mimic Octopus


6 animals? you’re wrong. This is a mimic octopus.

Since we already have Wolverine on our list, why not include Mystic? This octopus can literally copy some species for its survival. It can copy the following animals:

  • lion fish
  • sea snake
  • flatfish
  • jelly fish

When you see these animals in Indo-Pacific region which includes Philippines, Thailand, and Great Barrier Reef, you have to think twice if this is actually what it is or it can be a mimic octopus.

Parasitoid Wasp


“who’s my next victim?”

This parasitic type of wasp infest their prey to lay eggs. Most of the victims are ants, bees, spiders, flies, and mostly caterpillars. The host serves as protections and source of nutrients for their eggs and larvae. Most of the time, the victim is still alive while the offspring are eating its flesh.

Naked Mole-Rat


“I may look ugly but I’m immune to cancer”

This ugly creature is immune with tumor and cancer. Like Deadpool, it looks ugly and don’t feel pain because it lacks of substance P, a neurotransmitter responsible for feeling pain. Groups of naked mole-rats are living in the underground of African deserts.



No doubt, this animal is the toughest animal of all. The special ability of a tardigrade for me is one of the most interesting animal behaviors.

Tardigrade survived the following experiments:

  • survived −458 °F; −272 °C extreme temperatures
  • 30 years at −20 °C
  • can survive the outer space for 10 days
  • extreme pressure
  • extreme dehydration
  • radiation
  • toxins
  • and more


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8 Animals With Special Abilities

Here's a list of animals with the super powers of  One Punch Man, Wolverine, Mystic, and Deadpool. There are amazing things these animals can do. From having a strong punch to an ability to live in space. It may sound impossible... [read more]

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