Most Expensive Foods in the World

Here’s a list of the most expensive foods that you can’t afford to buy. If you work hard for the rest of your life, it’s still not enough.

Bombay Brassiere’s Sumandri Khazana Curry

This is the world’s most expensive curry. The movie Slum dog Millionaire is its inspiration. It’s perfect with devon crab, white truffle, abalone sea snails, quail eggs and scottish lobster.

Pizza Royale 007

Pizza is one of the most popular dishes in  the world. Domenico Crolla is famous for making world-class pizza. And now  they have decided to make the most expensive pizza in the world which cost  $4,200. The ingredients are the following:

  • champagne soaked caviar
  • lobster marinated in cognac
  • 24 carat gold shavings

 First Harvest Brisbane Mangoes


These are not special mangoes but it cost about $4200 each. These were auctioned for an annual charity event in Australia since 2002. They have raised for around $800,000.

Anqi Pho Soup

This soup cost $5,800. This decadent dish has blue lobster noodles, a5 Wagyu beef, white alba truffles and foie gras broth. Although expensive, the charity received it as a donation for Children’s Hospitals.

Densuke Black Watermelons


This type of watermelon only grew in the Northern Island of Hokkaido, Japan. This usually cost around $200. The most expensive reach the price of $6,000 which become the highest paid bid for a watermelon in the history of Japan. The buyer did this to support the local agriculture. Japanese can be really weird sometimes.
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Yubari King Melons

Just like the Densuke Black Watermelon, this type of melon only live in Yubari, Japan. This is a hybrid of 2 cantaloupe varieties. During buddhist festival, Japanese give yubari king melons as a gift of appreciation. The price ranges from $50 to $100 each. The best melon can cost $26,000 at auction.

Almas Caviar


Caviar is known to be the most luxurious and exclusive food in the world. Almas Caviar comes with 24 karat gold tin and only sold in one place in the world. It came from a Beluga fish that lives in Caspian sea. It has a lighter color compared to a common caviar which make it rare and too expensive.

Frrrozen Haute Chocolate

For the price of $25,000, you can a get mix of 28 cocoas from different parts of the world with goblet lined and edible gold. You can order this expensive desert in a restaurant in New York.

Italian White Alba Truffle

This is a type of fungi that lives under the earth’s surface. This is the diamond of culinary world that can be found in Northern Italy. The highest price was $165,000 for 3.3 pounds.

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Most Expensive Foods in the World

Here's a list of the most expensive foods that you can't afford to buy. If you work hard for the rest of your life, it's still not enough. Bombay Brassiere’s Sumandri Khazana Curry This is the world's most expensive curry. The... [read more]

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