How Long Do Octopus Live?

Most of the octopuses have short life span. Some species can only live for 6 months. It’s really sad to become an octopus. After mating, they die. They may have 3 hearts but their sex life is not as happy as a rabbit.

What are the cause of death of Octopus?

The main cause of their death is reproduction. Males die few months after mating. Females die after hatching their eggs because they spent few months taking care of their eggs and failed to hunt for food. But the record shows that there is a deep sea octopus that last the guarding of eggs for 4 and a half years.

People eat octopus and we are actually a threat for their life. We cook them in to different delicacies.

The oldest octopus

Some large species like the Giant Pacific Octopus can live up to 5 years. Pandora is one of them. She weighs 15.4 pounds and her length is 7.8 feet. But it is still possible that the oldest octopus still live in the under deep blue sea.

Coolest octopus you need to see.

One of my personal favorite octopus is the mimic octopus. It’s part of my article about  8 Animals with Special Abilities It can mimic at least 6 species to defend himself from danger. Its like the Mystic of the animal kingdom.

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