7 Weird Genetically Mutated Animals

Mutation happens to every organism. Mutated animals are often called beast or caused by a curse or bad luck. Thanks to science, we now understand why this phenomenon is happening.

White Tiger


This mutation occurs when a tiger has low count of red and yellow pigments which is what needed to make the orange color. White tigers are very rare but you can found them in India, Africa, Caribbean, Europe, and American zoo.

3-Headed Frog


In 2004, kids discovered an unusual frog. At first it looks like 3 frogs hugging each other. But if you will look closely you will noticed that they only share one body. Experts says that the cause of this mutation is the pollution caused by a nuclear power plant near the area.

Goat with 8 Legs


Octogoat was born in Croatia. It has 8 legs but it’s not a spider. The cause of this mutation is an undeveloped twin sibling according to scientist. It can’t stand and its life doesn’t last long.

Dog with 2 Legs


Faith was born with 3 legs. The front leg was amputated because it’s not fully developed giving her 2 hind legs. Sooner she learned how to walk with 2 legs. At first, veterinarians advised the owner to kill it believing it won’t survive because of its condition. Faith survived and lasted 12 years like a normal dog.

White Alligator


It may look cool to others because you look different and more elite that other alligators. But this type of albino creature can’t do any good in the wild. White alligator will have a hard time in hunting and living in its natural habitat. Most of them only lived longer when they are captivated.

2-Headed Pig


This mutated pig has 3 eyes (one of it is blind), 2 noses, and 2 mouths, but with one head and one body. Born in China, this pig became an instant celebrity. It died after few months and they preserve the skeleton.

Unusual Frog


This is not what you think and it’s not a tail either. According to expert, this mutated frog has an undeveloped leg between its legs.


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