Top 10 Most Expensive Virginities For Sale

We sell cars, gadgets, house, services and more. But today we will feature a very weird thing a woman would sell. These are the top 10 most expensive virginity in the world. I’m not really sure why their v card is expensive. Is it very rare to find a virgin today?

Top 10 – Rosie Reid


It was 2004 in London when the 18-year old Rosie Reid auctioned her virginity. A 44-year old divorced engineer won the bid for around $10,468. It was believed that she’s still a virgin even she’s in a relationship with a lesbian.

Top 9 – Alina Percea


The 18-year old virgin from Romania badly needs money for her computer degree so she decided to sell her virginity. The bid reached around $10,956. The bidder was from a 45-year old man from Italy. They both had a vacation in Venice after 2 medical examinations to prove her virginity.

Top 8 – Shatuniha


Shatuniha posted an ad telling the future buyer that she is “new and not used.” This Siberian teen received around $28,000 from an anonymous bidder. And they did it in a mystery hotel room.

Top 7 – Unigirl

This anonymous girl from New Zealand sold her virginity last 2010. There are 1200 bidders that are willing to help her university fees. She got $32,000 which is according to her is “beyond what I have ever dreamed.”

Top 6 – Cathy Cobblerson

Her ad was posted on Ebay in 2004 with a jaw-dropping $100,000.  The 24-year old virgin from Texas broke the virginity record but the ad was taken down.

Top 5 – Catarina Migliorini


In 2012, a Brazilian student auctioned her virginity online. A tight competition occur between a Japanese, American, and Indian bidders. The Japanese won and spent $780,000 for her. Catarina would like to emphasise that she is not a prostitute. She’s doing this to build homes for the poor in her hometown.

Top 4 – Elizabeth Raine


She’s a medical student that created a website with a PR company and Terms and Conditions page. It was even stated the literal meaning of sexual intercourse. It’s also included that the winning bidder should  give 35% to charity focusing in education of women in poor countries. But she backed out when the bid hits $801,000.

Top 3 – Graciela Yataco


This model from Peru  decided to auction her v card to pay her mother’s hospital bills and support her younger brother. This highest  bid is $1.5 million but she turned it down after saying “no” from a Canadian bidder. She changed her mind and criticised as publicity stunt.

Top 2 – Raffaella Fico


She’s an Italian model and a star from Big Brother Italy in 2008. In 2009, she sold her virginity for $1.8 million to buy house and attend acting class.

Top 1 – Natalie Dylan


In 2008, this 22-year old virgin from California received a bid of $3.7 million after she auctioned her virginity to fund her master’s degree.

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