Top 5 Dirtiest Parts of Your Body

Do you know that 7 pounds of body weight came from microorganisms that lives inside and outside our body? There are around 10,000 different type of living things in your body. But don’t worry, most of them are good bacteria and helps with digestion and absorption of nutrients.


Mouth is the best place for bacteria to live. It’s moist, warm, and nutritious because of the food that we eat. This is the perfect habitat for different types of microorganisms. For every square centimeter, there are over 100 million microbes. That’s why brushing our teeth is very important. Don’t forget the tongue too. There are around 100 million microorganisms inside your mouth.



Believe it or not, ear has a self-cleaning property. Before removing earwax, keep in mind that this sticky substance plays a vital role in cleaning, lubricating and protecting auditory canal and inner ear from dirt and small insects. A problem will occur when excess earwax is mixed with large number of bacteria. This can cause hearing problems and infections.

Finger Nails

Our finger nails are dirtier than before because of smart phones. For every square centimeter, there are around 160,000 bacteria in your phone 16% of this are E.coli bacteria found in poop. These microorganisms can go inside our body though your finger nails. According to research, the bacteria that causes diarrhea are found under the skin of our finger nails. Think twice before sucking your fingers because you might ingest thousands of germs.



I know you’re already aware of this specially after working out in the gym. Thousands of bacteria in arm pit is reacting with sweat and causes the foul smell. Sweat alone doesn’t have a foul odour and shouldn’t be blamed. For every square centimeters, there are around 80,000 microbes.

Belly Button

Is the belly button the dirtiest part of your body? There are 67 types of bacteria found in average human belly button. The most common type is the Staphylococcus but some are weirdly unknown. Clean your navel with regular soap and water everyday. Use cotton swabs with alcohol occasionally because it may dry out some area.


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