Top 5 Weird Toilets Around the World

There are different toilets around the world relying on culture and beliefs. Western people use tissue paper while Asians use water, soap, and dipper to wash. We all poop and pee but have you tried to poop in a chocolate?

One Way Mirror Toilet


This is a public toilet called Don’t Miss a Sec in the sidewalk of London. It’s like pooping outdoor where you can see everything around while doing your thing. It sounds uncomfortable but don’t worry they won’t see you from the outside. Because of the use of one way mirror or see through Loo, this is not a problem anymore. Would you dare to try this?

Mouth Toilet


This weird urinal will give you the experience of peeing in to the mouth. This lip-styled urinal can be found in some places around the worlds from hotels and bars.

Urilift Toilet


London has another entry to our list of strange bathrooms. It’s a modern pop-up toilet that lift and retract on a schedule. It will show up at 10pm and hides at 3am. The ideal location of this type of urinal is near nightclubs and bus terminal. Most of all, this toilet can save a lot of space.

Toto Washlet


Another weird entry from Japan. Since 1980, Japan started on working on high-tech toilets. Toto is a leading company that creates modern toilet. Toto Washlet is the toilet of the future with the following features:

  • self cleaning with comfort spray
  • automatic lids
  • heated seat
  • front cleanse for ladies
  • self cleaning nozzle
  • dryer
  • deodorizer
  • anti-bacterial water

Chocolate Bathroom


Are you willing to spend £80,000 and eat around 9 million calories of chocolate for a bathroom? This suite is made up of 50kg of chocolate. This does not only include the toilet, also the tub, sink, and bidet are all made up of edible chocolate? Would you eat them?


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