8 Strange Trees Around the World

We often ignore them even they give us fresh air, food, shelter, and paper. But when you see the trees below, I bet you’ll get your phone right away and take a snap.

Dragon Tree



This isn’t the tree that produces dragon fruit. Found in Yemen, this tree that looks like a giant mushroom also bleeds when you cut them. These are the sap that resembles a real blood because of its color.

Socratea Exorrhiza


Also know as the “walking tree,” this weird palm grows in Latin America. Unlike other trees, the trunk is elevated and the roots connect to the ground. This can grow up to 25 meters high. It looks like it has many little legs and giving the impression that it can walk. Because of this feature, it became a tourist attraction for hikers. Unlike Groot in the movie The Guardians of the Galaxy, this can’t actually walk.

Windswept Trees


This can be found in New Zealand. Most trees bend due to a strong wind or typhoon. But Windswept trees are not because they already are. The place where they grow has a severe strong wind and they have adapted to it. Whether it has a strong wind or not, the trunk and branches were bent and twisted forever along with the wind direction.

Quindio Wax Palm


Known as the tallest palm tree on earth, this can grow over 200 ft tall. A normal palm tree only grow 32-50-ft tall. There’s nothing special about it, it’s just crazy tall. According to experts this can be a result of competition with other trees in the forest for sunlight and nutrients.



This strange looking tree that looks like from a fantasy movie grows in Australia and Africa. It can grow humungous sizes. In Zimbabwe, over 40 people can live inside its trunk. They use this tree as halls, stores, prisons, and even a bus shelter. Baobab is the most common of its specie.



The roots of this strange tree grow above the ground that give the idea that it’s part of the movie Tomb Raider. Well it is. The movie was filmed in Cambodia and with real Tetramelaceae trees that looks like a giant squid above the temple.

Circus Trees


These don’t grow naturally.They were created by a Swedish American farmer in 1925 as a hobby. Axel Erlandson learned how to shape and graft multiple trees to achieve his masterpiece. In 1945, it became a tree museum to profit. You can still see this work of art in California.

Eucalyptus Deglupta


This is also known as “rainbow eucalyptus” obviously because of its unbelievable color. It grows on tropical forest of New Britain, New Guinea, Seram, Sulawesi and Mindanao, Philippines.   The barks are actually peeling off annually that gives different colors. It has green, purple, blue , orange and maroon hues


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8 Strange Trees Around the World

We often ignore them even they give us fresh air, food, shelter, and paper. But when you see the trees below, I bet you'll get your phone right away and take a snap. Dragon Tree This isn't the tree... [read more]

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